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Scruffy Bear from First & Main
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Scraggles Bear from First & Main
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#BEARE - Bear Container
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#M883 - Country Tin Candle Warmer
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5.5 inch. Jointed Bear

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B-Bath Safe C-Candle Safe FP-Flash Point

Autumn Spice-smells like a pumpkin custard

Baby Powder- soft and cuddly fresh baby scent

Banana Cream Pie- fresh bananas in a custard filling

Banana Nut Bread- banana with nutty and spicy notes

Banana Pear-a strong mixture of ripe bananas and pears. B, C, FP 131

Black Current Jam-

Blueberry Cheesecake- this is soooo good and yummy, big seller

Blueberry Patch-fresh juicy blueberries. If your looking for a great blueberry, this is it.

Brown Sugar-just like its name. B, C, FP 200.

Butter Cream-sweet smell, just like butter cream icing.

Cantaloupe- slice a fresh juicy cantaloupe open, very true to smell

Caramel Apple- green apple with caramel undertones

Carrot Cake- spicy smell, just like a fresh baked cake

Chardonnay- smells so good you’ll want to drink it

Christmas Cookie-spiced sugar cookie

Christmas Eve- this is our top selling Christmas Scent, hard to describe, but a must have.

Christmas Past- pine with slight floral undertones.

Christmas Tree- pine

Cherry- very strong cherry lifesaver

Cinnabun- just like its name

Cinnaburst-spicy with cinnamon, clove and nutmeg

Cinnamon- just like its name

Cinnamon Crunch- cinnamon with a hint of graham cracker

Citrus Cooler-refreshing citrus drink

Coconut- fresh coconut

Coffee- very strong true to smell

Cool Citrus Basil BBW type-refreshing bathroom scent. B, C

Country Clothesline- smells like sheets hung out on the clothesline on a warm spring day. So fresh and clean. B,C

Cranberry Chutney yankee type- slightly sweet cranberry with a fruity note.

Cranberry Marmalade-tart,with some warm fruity undertones. B, C, FP125

Creamy Coconut BBW type- a sweet coconut. B, C

Cucumber Melon BBW type- a great blend of cucumbers and honeydew melons, with a slightly more fragrant cucumber smell. B, C

Eggnog- a rich vanilla custard type

Essence of Christmas- a mixture of pines

Eucalyptus- great for the sinuses

Fall Festival- try walking through leaves on a fall day , with slightly sweet undertones. B, C

French Apricot-a very different type of smell of fresh apricots with a twist

French Vanilla- one of the best I’ve found

Fresh Cake- fresh baked yellow cake, sooo good

Fresh Peach- go out in a peach orchard on a summer day and imagine picking a big, ripe juicy peach and biting into it

Gardenia- a great floral scent that is true to its name

Gingerbread- spicy, sweet, slightly buttery

Ginger Peach Tea- very refreshing fresh peach with a hint of ginger.

Grandma’s Kitchen- a combination of spices

Granny’s Apple Pie- slightly tart, almost like apple cider rolled into a pie

Harvest- medley of fall spices with a hint of orange

Hollyberry- a clean Christmas smell

Honeydew Melon- if your looking for a great true to smell honeydew, this is it.

Honeysuckle- very strong true honeysuckle

Hot Baked Apples- baking apples with cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.

Hot Cocoa- you will want to drink this one

Island Paradise- combination of pineapple and other tropical smells. B, C

Jasmine Vanilla BBW Type- light floral, with powdery undertones. B,C, FP>190

Joshuas Tree- very clean soothing smell, great for the bathroom.

Juicy Watermelon- true to smell

Juniper Breeze BBW type- light floral clean smell. B, C

Kandy Kane- peppermint type of smell. C

Lavender-calming clean floral

Lavender Camomile- just put this in a candle and the blend of the two fragrances are great. B, C, FP147

Lemon Meringue Pie- very lemony

Lilac- floral, bouquet of lilacs

Mango- strong great tropical scent

Mayan Blackberries & Cream-if you're looking for something different, this is it, a real nice mild blackberry scent with just enough cream. B. C, FP>200

Mulberry Twist- slightly sweet and strong

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie- just like grandma use to bake

Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey- smells like the original Jergins Lotion B, C

Ocean Mist- clean fresh smell

Oh Baby- baby magic type. B, C

Orange Creamcicle- orange creamcicle ice cream

Orange Blossom- an orange grove in full bloom

Orange Chiffon Cake- This is delicious. Slightly orange, smell mixed with a fresh baked cake and some nuttly undertones. C

Orchard Breeze- a mixture of fruit blossoms on a spring day. B, C

Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie- yummy, very chocolately rich fudge

Pear- slightly sweet

Pineapple-sweet and juicy

Plumeria-tropical floral

Pomogranate-blend of fruity scents

Powder Puff- floral powdery scent with a hint of musk

Rain-clean fresh bathroom type scent touch of floral

Raspberry- a true tart raspberry

Raspberry Twizzle- A true Raspberry with some creamy undertones. B, C

Rose Petal-this scent will surround you with a great rose smell

Sea Breeze- you will think you are sitting on the beach

Sea Shore- Close your eyes and breath in the ocean breeze you will think you are on the boardwalk

Sleepy Time Tea- A wonderful relaxing mixture of spearmint and tea, a very soothing smell. C

Snowy Pine- One of our top sellers for Christmas. Smells like a fresh cut pine tree with some freshly fallen snow undertones. Very true pine smell. C

Spiced Cranberry- tart spicy cranberry

Spiced Orange-clove, nutmeg and orange great fall scent

Spiced Pumpkin-spicy pumpkin blend

Spice Cake- mixture of spices is what makes this smell so good

Spring Bouquet-clean floral smell

Strawberry Jam- makes me think of when my mother was in the kitchen on the farm putting up her strawberry preserves

Strawberry Shortcake- This is truely a great fresh strawberry, very strong, with some pastry type notes. Excellent seller B, C

Sugar Cookie- nice combination of vanilla and cinnamon is what makes this scent so popular

Sun Kissed Medley- mixture of tropical fruits, this ought to be a mixed drink poured over ice on a summer day.

Vanilla Pear- warm sweet mixture of vanilla and a light pear. B, C, FP192

Vanilla Ice Cream- just like the name, yummy. B, C

Tropical Breeze- coconut, pineapple and oranges

Tropical Explosion- a fruity mixture with a very slight floral undertone. B, C, FP 195

Walnut, Grape & Fig- what a combination! All we can say is WOW, this is great and truly different.
Great seller

Warm Apple Crisp-cinnamon, nutmeg and apples all blended together a warm homey smell

Water Blossom Ivy- clean floral , summer evening smell. B, C, FP>170

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